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Babcock, the haughty personal assistant to Charles Shaughnessy's Maxwell Sheffield, who was confounded that her uppercrust employer would entrust his children--and possibly his heart--to a very "common" woman from Queens.

[Shakespeare] didn't write to provide grist for scholarly mills.

She studied theater at the American Conservatory Theater in California. Although Fran is somewhat sympathetic and tends to tolerate C. purposefully hurts the feelings of Gracie(played by Madeline Zima) by telling her that Fran only spends time with her because Fran is paid to do so, Fran warns, "..you ever hurt one of my kids again, they'll be wiping your blue blood off the walls! She harbors an intense crush on Maxwell and tries to move in on him after his first wife passes away. Her parents are divorced, although her father Stewart is portrayed as amiable. and Niles marry in the series finale, as Fran is giving birth to twins. During the wedding ceremony, it is revealed that "C. went insane and gained more weight, since there is no more hope of her being Maxwell's wife. C that if she and Fran don't become friends, he will end his business partnership with her. C realized she loves Niles, her obsession with Maxwell eventually ended, saying that Maxwell didn't have a chance with her and that she is "Completely, and totally, and multiply satisfied" with Niles. But when Fran and Sylvia apologized to each other, Sylvia said that "Please, it's over! When Fran and Maxwell went overboard on their honeymoon cruise, C. and Sylvia took a helicopter to see if they are still alive. Yetta once ate some almond cookies, which Fran bought from a Cantonese shop, that makes whoever eats it to fall in love with the first person they see. C., and asked her how does she feel about going in a hot tub with her. ", and Maxwell's slightly stunned reply was, "That's the Nanny." As Fran and her large family integrate themselves into the Sheffield household, C. continues her vain attempts to try and win Maxwell over and eject Fran from the house. is the business partner of Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield (played by Charles Shaughnessy), working together with him for almost 20 years. is typically portrayed as a functioning alcoholic, as well as egocentric, mean-spirited,tactless and uncaring, particularly shown in how she never remembers the names of Maxwell's children Maggie Sheffield, Brighton Sheffield, and Gracie Sheffield. Due to her lack of boyfriends and fixation on Maxwell, there are hints that C. is depressed and spends a fortune on therapy sessions (which she actually advised for Gracie to have after her Mother died). learns that she is pregnant with Niles' baby, which causes both of them to faint. realized she loves Niles, her relationship got better and better with Fran, and they both eventually became good friends. Maxwell, who walked in on them during this conversation, threatened C. rarely talks or interacts with Sylvia, but in one episode, she became friends with her when Sylvia and Fran are having a feud (calling her Syl). wanted to throw out Sylvia's "prescribed" candies because it weighed too much, but they were stopped by the pilot and apologized to each other. C, Fran and Val would sometimes go to a singles club and just "hang-out", saying that they don't need men. Unlike Sylvia and Val, Grandma Yetta had a funny thing going on with C. Niles would sometimes joke about her being the same age as Grandma Yetta. She also guest-starred in episodes of "Crime & Punishment" and "South Beach" and had a supporting role in the feature film "Nervous Ticks" (1993). Read more » With her blonde, Nordic looks and frame, Lauren Lane proved to be the perfect nemesis to Fran Drescher's honking Flushing accent and manner on "The Nanny" (1993-99). Her first TV break was as Chris Novak, the detective who won the heart of the title character on "Hunter" (NBC, 1991).

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